Engraving disturbance littles dots


I have a question :
When I engrave I have small parasitic dots which appear on each side of the engraving.
If I restart the same engraving they are not in the same places.
whatever the burning speed they are there!
They had disappeared one at a time after earthing the shielding of the wires. I had thought of EMC disturbances.
I’m using windows,
The last version of the awc 608
The water chiller isn’t on the same electrical plug
I have the same problem with the software LaserCAD

Have you got an idea?

Thank you so much

I agree with you that it seems like a possible electrical interference issue. It could also be a bad power supply.

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Thank for your feedback.
indeed it is unbranded power supply
The shielding of the laser signal cables is done, do you have any other idea of the origin of the interference?

Thank you

What material are you engraving here? Is it possible that it’s reflecting back to nozzle, then back onto the material? I see this occasionally with powder coated metal an anodized aluminum.

Hello, it’s see through acrylic, @LightBurn