Engraving double-sided perfectly?

Hi guys,

I want to engrave and cut a playing card in plywood. One side would have the face of the card and the other, on the exact same spot on the other side of the board, its back.
Of course, I resorted to primitive methods by trying to position the board “perfectly” myself but I always miss the perfect cut.

How can I do it through the software? I’m sure it’s possible.

I have Emblaser 2 and LightBurn 0.9.20.

Thank you in advance!


Hi Ivan,
I solve these kinds of tasks in this way:
I print and cut out all items with page 1.
When I make the last card, I make sure that I have fixed my subject fairly stably against the two edges that I have screwed on my bed and which meet each other in 0: 0 position at a 90 degree angle.
Now I cut the last card and peel it off and engrave the back in the same template. Works very well for me.
The other option is to use a camera if you have one. You lay your cards with the first, finished side down, place your back cards with your camera and engrave. Also works excellent.

Good luck

Use the Print and Cut tool, when you make the alignment marks let the cross hair lines cut all the way through the material so you can see the alignment marks on the other side. The the Print and cut tool will do the rest for you.

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Thank you guys for your answers! Appreciate it!

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