Engraving is moving left?

Hi, I’m new to laser engraving I have a 75W tube, Ruida 6445G, air assist and I just started using Lightburn in trial mode.
I seem to have communication issues using RDWorksV8 so I have not been able to determine if my issue is a lightburn setting or a hardware issue.
I am hoping someone else has seen this and can point me in the right direction.

My laser seems to “walk” left as it engraves images.
I set up a file as shown below as a test.

The left is a 50mmx50mm square with an image inside and the right is a 50mmx50mm square with lines drawn inside Lightburn.
The order of engraving is both square outlines, right inside lines, left image and then text followed by outline text.
The final engraving looks like this:

hopefully someone can show me where I am going wrong.

It appears it can do straight lines without issue but over the length of an engraving the whole this is warped.
I have also tried an image with several passes where the image begins a few mm left of the original.
Thanks for the help in advance.

Thanks OZ,
I didnt recognize that was my issue when I checked the FAQ. I’ll see if this helps.

This worked, thanks again.