Engraving Manitoba Maple "live" wood with 5 watt diode

2.5 D effect using Bas Relief images
LightBurn Stucki at 635 DPI
1 pass
Modified OLM3 with Opt Lasers PLH3D-XT-50 5 watt diode
2000 mm/min
15% power
635 DPI


Beautiful. I’ve tried doing some artwork like this but gave up after a couple fails. Had more important things to focus on at the time.

I don’t even know the correct questions to ask. Is this done with multiple passes or a single pass? Do you alter the Bas file in Lightburn at all? What dither mode, or do you need to use pass though?

Thank you for any insight you can provide.

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Edited post with settings in LB

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Not to deny your wizardry, but that is one amazing diode. You’re getting great resolution from it.

Are those about the same size as the 40mm coins? Same time frame for the job?

Thanks for posting, someday … someone will come along and give you some kind of competition :crazy_face:


Thank you
Yes it is an amazing Laser unit ,BUT very finiky to focus
These are 65 mm
Time …I,m retired and dont keep track
Doing other stuff during Burn
About 40 minutes

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I’d assume a very short focal length lens, smaller dot for the smaller dot, resulting in a very short depth of field?

Are you adjusting the Z height via Lightburn when you run the job?


60 mm beam is 30x 40 microns (I,ve measured)
I have it on the Ortur adjustable z

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That’s pretty incredible resolution.

If I use one of the on-line calculators for the fiber, I get about 33.782 micron dot size, computed with the 1064nM/100mm lens… Never checked it… but, I know focus is critical.

Supposedly a depth of focus of ~0.739mm


My 60 watt MOPA 150 mm lens about 0.05 mm
Fiber Laser beam size 45 microns

This is on a Business Card
847 DPI

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What type of wood did you use?

Manitoba Maple
It was cut down in my front yard

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That’s amazing. :astonished:

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@Kuth Thank you …

:star_struck: Beautifully done sir.

@DaveP Thank you …

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WOW Bulldog !!!
impressive detail…
I recently engraved one of an Eagle over the American Flag that looks 3D…
Are your samples shown actually 3D (as if done with a CNC) ?

Thank you
I use Greyscale Bas Relief images from Bing AI


Great work, man!

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@Phsteddi Thank you