Engraving Settings

Hello All,

Im running a Ruida controller with a 60W tube and Lightburn. I want to engrave photos on the back of mirrors. Ive searched and searched but cannot seem to find speeds and power settings to do this. Are there different settings for doing photos verses plain text?


It’s a matter of experimentation. Each laser is unique and has slightly different power levels and lens/mirror quality.

here’s a rundown by trotec. You should be able to work out some start points Mirror

Thank you.
I did some test runs. I can’t imagine running it at 100% but those setting are for a fiber laser.

I got some decent results at 100/35. I’ll keep testing. I wanted to have a starting point so as to not waste a lot of mirrors.

Similar to the file posted in [Tip ‘O the Day - Power Scale], you can use a horizontal gradient image in a grid to help you dial in the settings.

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