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Hello guys,
I have a new (1 month old) chinesse laser with ruida control. For 3 weeks the machine worked normally. Last week we had to cut and engrave some eastern eggs for our customers. The cutting were OK but when the machine had to engrave it happened that engraving parts came out of the eggs. It was on the X ax and was too much to the left.
Today I tried to make some parts for catan board. And I cut 2 holes and put other circles in to engrave numbers on. The origin point was fixed, but after 3 series (6 circles) I again noticed the problem. What could be the problem?
I checked the belts and they seem fine. Also there is no dead space in head or somewhere else. I also tried to cut and engrave some squares. The picture is below.

I tried to slow down speed and acceleration. But the problem stays the same.
After 5 circles it engraves like this:

If the problem is at random (and by the way you have illustrated and explained the issue), I suspect you are skipping steps. Have you verified that your stepper motor drivers are properly (ideally) configured to the motors? Also, a very good explanation of micro stepping that @Bonjour just provided can be found here:

yep. heaven save us from 3D printing kiddies and their obsession with over-microstepping.

if 8 microsteps is good, 32 must be better, right?

Their only saving grace is that the machines are so small and not-rigid, and operate so slowly that they don’t get harmonic interference that a bigger, more rigid machine gets at higher speeds.

Contrary to internet scuttlebutt, you want the lowest amount of microstepping you can get away with and get the resolution you need.

The guy I replied to in that post doesn’t get it and is still convinced he is right, without understanding the concepts in any great detail.

Problem solved.
I just had to enable PWM rising edge valid.
Thank you guys for help.

Thank you for sharing your solution as it will help others.

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