Engraving transparent acrylic with ortur master 2 (20W)

I have a problem, I want to engrave transparent acrylic with kraft paper on it, but I can’t find the good settings.
Can you help me?
Thank you very much!

Ortur LM2 20w model:
I have tried a couple of times with a tape on top of the acrylic. I think It was at 2mms 90% power.

I have only tried the acrylic a few times, a couple with the tape and a few with the “dark metal under” method I saw on youtube.
The other method I saw on youtube is this.
They put a very dark piece of anodized aluminum under the acrylic and focused on the bottom of the acrylic, so burning through the acrylic.
I did not have any dark anodized aluminum, but I did have a very oxidized piece of copper bar. very thick and heavy. It worked like a charm. made a very visible melt-y text engraving. The copper bar is only about 4"x6" so I am limited to smallish pieces.
I wasn’t crazy about the results although my wife liked the cute little trinkets I made you have to hold them up in the light to see them well. I am sure I could improve them some, with some practice, but I am not sure I could get near the results a CO2 will get.
I have had my LM2 only a couple of months. I tried a few acrylic, ceramic tiles, wood squares, some kraft paper notebook covers, and cardboard of course

Hello I was wondering if you have any tips for engraving on tile. I have been fighting with this for over 4 months. I have been trying to use the “Nicky Norton” method. I can’t get the deep black color, I get more of a brown/grey color. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t know about using a laser diode on Acrylic (yet - I’m planning on getting one soon), but on my K40 laser I’ll engrave acrylic with 15% power and 2000mm/min speed. That should be close to 100% power on your laser if my SWAG is correct. I don’t remove the paper or film protecting the acrylic until after engraving/cutting. It has little effect on the laser power and keeps the acrylic from getting smokey.

Well, this is the wrong thread to be bringing this subject up. Try Norton White Tile Method Problems
There is a reasonable discussion over there.

The wavelength of diode laser is not suitable for acrylic, all tape or dyeing aids give only a modest result. Buy a small CO2 laser, they do not cost as much more as a fake 20Watt laser.
I have cut 16mm acrylic with a K40, quite slow but fine.

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