Engraving water bottle and the image moves during the different layers

Hello there,

I am new to laser and light burn but I’ve done 5 water bottles successfully and one that got totally scraped dialing in the settings. On my latest one I made for my friends kid however, on of the 5 images got all messed up, the rest look fine. It was the last image to cut, it was supposed to be a T-rex skeleton. I had the setting the exact same for all of the images. Looking at the preview the whole project took 2 hrs 32 min and the T-rex only took the last 3 minutes. All I can think is that maybe at that speed for the fine outline of the skeleton the bottle slid on the rollers, but I’m not sure. In the picture here, the nose of the T-rex should have been lined up with the edge of the image below it.
I have an ortur master 2 laser with the rotary Y axis. Every image was done at 3000 mm/m, 85% power and 4 passes.