Erro de activacion licencia

I bought Software license today (29-08-2023) : my Order Order #387623
How long I need to wait to get license key ?

Typically, we send out the key within seconds for purchase clearing. Looking into our systems, I see this order has shipped/sent today, shortly after you completed this order. Please search all your email, including your spam and promotions folders, for “LightBurn License Key”, as it can land there occasionally. :slight_smile:

If you encounter further issues, please let us know via email to:

I already obtained the license or key when I entered it in the program and activated it, an error message appears with the following: failed to connect to the server due to network error

Ah yes, that is a bit different from:

Yes, you will need to have internet access without blocking our sites with a firewall. Best to send an email to support, as we will not divulge personal information here in public.

Can you give me an email so they can help me?

Sure, I posted above, but can provide again.

I send my doubts to the email provided and they only send me an automatic message

This is intended to let you know, we received your email. We will respond.

This information should assist,

I still have the error, the firewall is active for the program but it still gives an error, I don’t know what else to do

I can do the activation without internet connection, can you tell me how to do it?

I sent the activation file to the email provided now I hope they send me the offline activation file

We’ve seen four or five examples of damaged “hosts” files. On a lark, if you’re willing, we could look there.

Please open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and confirm that it’s blank.

If rules like exist for Cryptlex, Github or LightBurn it will hold you up.

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