Error: Failed to connect to server due to Network Error

I currently have a 30w Fiber Laser Galvo with DSP Controller on a Chinese no name that I can find but did pay $7k for the machine so it should be a “good Chinese machine if there’s such a thing”.

and in short, trying to install the trial software of Lightburn before I buy which if it works would be today. The issue however is an error code “Failed to connect to server due to Network Error” immediately after pressing “Try Trial” button (hopefully the pictures attached go through fine).

The PC that came with the machine is bare bones as you could imagine and runs Win 7. Being that it runs an old Windows and has a very limited PC I did install the 32bit instead of 64bit if that matters and there is no WIFI connection or other to the PC so not sure what it means it’s trying to reach the server?

If I could get some help here, I’m ready to buy the software today, I just need to know it works. I’m very tired of the unstable CAD2 that keeps crashing on me and Alex and the guys from LMA I’m a member of, highly recommends using this software and would love to get it rolling.

Hope someone has some information to help me out with here. Please feel free to contact me anytime at if you prefer a more direct link of communication.

Much respect and thanks in advance!
Michael Baker
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This will be the issue. You will need to be connected, at least once, to have your computer trial touch in with our servers to manage this trial.

If you do choose to purchase LightBurn in the future, you can have that register for ‘Offline’ activation and after that quick process, you can run without the need to check in with us. There is no option to trial “Offline” at this time. :slight_smile:

Oh got it, I was wondering if that was the issue. My laser PC doesn’t have a WIFI but I planned on buying your software anyway so I’m sure you’ll back me up if it doesn’t work after the purchase hopefully. I do have a question though, I know Alex and some of the guys over at Laser Everything created an add on software library to expand lightburns cut and etch library but if I’m not mistaken, didn’t you guys include all that in your latest version of lightburn? I’m seeing so many sites selling your software including cracks which I think is BS. I’m all about supporting you guys for the hard work you’ve done to make this such a great software improvement and alternative to CAD2, plus the support is priceless. Thanks! I’ll be buying probably tomorrow.

Understood. We do encourage trial first, to ensure you are confident in your purchase and find LightBurn to be the correct choice for your requirements.

As for Material Libraries, while there are several sources for these, LightBurn does not currently supply libraries. The team over at Laser Everything have done a great job adding value with their content, knowledge and material library resources. Definitely worth review. :slight_smile:

Question, how do I know exactly which one I need? I have a 30w Fiber Laser but don’t know if I need the key for Galvo or if I need DSP as well? Here’s what my controller looks like if it helps? It’s not digital like the photos on your website.

I’m assuming this is the driver we need to see?

Also, how long does my subscription to new revisions of your software last? Is it lifetime or annual?

From the announcement,

This release of LightBurn includes support for EzCad2 based galvo controllers, more commonly referred to as “fiber lasers”. It supports both fiber and CO2 laser sources driven by an EzCad2 supported control card, using USB to connect to your PC, Mac, or Linux system. UV laser support will be added soon, along with support for BSL (SeaCad) based galvo systems.

And this is worth review for greater understanding of ‘How the License Works’,

I wasn’t able to get the software working without WIFI even after processing the offline keycode I kept getting errors so I just bought a new PC (this one was apparently junk anyway). Now I have WIFI and all the bells and whistles setup with Windows 10 Pro. The question now is can I install Lightburn directly to this brand new PC or do I have to install CAD2 first? In other words, is Lightburn dependant on CAD2 running in the background or having it on the PC to function properly?

One more question, I don’t see anything in the original computer other than CAD2 which is all in Chinese where I can’t understand it anyway even if I Ghost Copy it over to the new computer but do you think there is anything on my original PC such as drivers, etc for the laser engraver that need to be carried over? I can’t seem to find any so far but if anyone has had to change their PC out of a Fiber Laser machine in order to upgrade with a new PC like I’m having to that would know, that would be helpful (the manufacturer in China is answering questions or even responding to emails to ask them despite just dropping $8k on this machine I haven’t been able to use yet). Thanks

No, not required. The documentation is worth review as this is covered there. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I couldn’t get it to work but wasn’t the software, the laser engraver I had just came with a sucky PC to run my machine so I yanked out the PC and replaced it with a good one with far more memory, ram, Intel i9 CPU, etc etc to handle what might come up in the future not just with engraving but with any future addition of Adobe Suite or other software I may want. I made sure to have a 5Ghz Modem installed with camera so I could work right from the laser engraver itself (I even replaced the monitor to a nice 32" Sceptor HD 8K monitor). I know, not needed but what the hell. Now if needed I can even let someone log onto my laser engravers system to see what I’m working with through teamviewer and the big screen is so much easier on the eyes than the stupid 14" it originally came with. I’m a happy camper now and having fun playing around while I learn with the most important note here…“LightBurn Rocks!!!”. I worked with CAD2 for awhile and I’ve been able to work with LightBurn without even taking a video tutorial so far, it’s that user friendly. Can’t wait to find the time to really get into it more and go through all the lightburn training videos.

Thanks for the best support around!

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