Error Job Halted When Hitting Start Button

G-code motion target exceeds machine travel. Machine position safely retained. Alarm may be unlocked. (Right-click the ‘Devices’ button to reset the connection)

On or near line 6:

Job halted

Stream completed in 0:00

[MSG:Reset to continue]


Ortur Laser Master 2 Ready!

OLF 140.

Grbl 1.1h [’$’ for help]

[MSG:’$H’|’$X’ to unlock]

[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]


Have you tried what we are telling you in this message? What happens when you do so? :slight_smile:

Yes, I have tried and nothing changes.

Is your ‘Start From’ setting in ‘Absolute Coords’?
Have you recently used the rotary and turned homing off and back on again?

No it was on “ current position “ and no I have it I just set the laser up and haven’t yet used it.

Change it to Absolute Coords - that’s the problem. The ‘Start From’ modes have specific behaviors, and if you don’t know how they work, Absolute will be the easiest - wherever the art is on the screen is where it goes on the laser.

Read here for how they all work: Coordinates and Job Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

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