Error message for new Chinese machine

Please help!!! I have used Lightburn before, but I just got a new Chinese machine and this error message keeps coming up as I am trying to set up the new machine to lightburn.

Can you tell us what machine/controller you have and are trying to set up ?

Ruida 6445G controller, 100w CO2laser. Does that help?

At the bottom of your screen shot the device is set as GRBL1 ? should that not be Ruida ?, If you go to EDIT and click machine setting does it show all the details.

OMG yes, I didn’t even notice that! Let me try that…

TY that worked. Now I noticed another issue with an error on the machine when I send the file to it…but I don’t think it’s a Lightburn issue…is it?

There is a topic on here already, may pay to have a read through to set your bed size in the controller.

You have been a God send!! TY so much!!!

No problem at all, I’ve only been doing this myself for four weeks so it’s still a learning curve for me too. :grin:


You’ll see it again… :slight_smile: