Estimated time hidden by progress bar

How can I see the estimated time, it’s hidden behind the progress bar? there doesn’t seem to be any way to drag the progress bar.


Does increasing the size of the entire Laser window or the docked pane allow you to see the whole number?

No, not even if I go full screen with the laser window.

Then changing font size or display scaling may be the only way to affect that but that will obviously have other impacts. You may want to experiment with it to see if you can get acceptable results.

I wouldn’t be prepared to change display settings to resolve this issue as this would cause other issues. Could this be raised as a bug to be fixed or even a new feature to allow the resizing of the progress bar?

That would be at the discretion of the @LightBurn team.

The framework we build on doesn’t do well with large font scaling, unfortunately. The best option is to run LightBurn with 100% system font scaling.

If you have a high-DPI display, this also works:

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