ETA on the text to path issue for copied objects?

Hello and Happy New Year Oz!

Back in September 2019 we talked about the text to path not working on copied objects (after you save and reload the file). Quite a bit of the work that I do involves copying existing designs I’ve made and then changing text for each order. When I build my templates I use up as much as the wood as possible to reduce overhead costs and production time so I don’t have to rebuild the entire layout over and over. Unfortunately because of the text copying issue, any templates I make that have text to path load incorrectly. It’s been like that since you added the feature last year. My original conversation on here was closed, so I apologize for opening another message to follow up again.

I really love the software and the features, but it seems this problem has been tossed aside and perhaps forgotten because of other pressing issues. I really hope that you can circle back and patch the code so it works.

Create a text path, matrix copy, save the file.

When you reload your file, all the paths are gone/reset.


It’s already fixed for the next release. Copy along path, grid array and radial array all work properly with text path shapes now.

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