Etching on glass

Hi Guys new to this and there is a lot of different ways on here to etch on glass.
Using an A5 Pro 40w how can i safely get a dark etch as i have seen around in other posts

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but you can get dark or light etch, depending on paint used with Norton White Tile method…

The whole thread deals with various ways to etch ceramic tiles and glass. – David

Hi David can you remember what settings you used in your tests

I used a little Eleksmaker 2.3W laser running 1500 mm/min, 90% power, and 300 dpi or so for dark etch, using flat-white paint. For light etch, I use black paint (tempera or matt-black spray) and slow to 1000 mm/min, with all other settings the same.

It’s all described in that thread but please know that all lasers are different and you need to test for optimal settings using your laser and paint…

Thanks David you have given a lot to go on Cheers

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Since you can’t lase glass there are other approaches to doing glass and clear acrylic.

This is indirect marking which you see more of with acrylic, but it works the same way. Put something that does get hot from the laser underneath it and shoot through the glass/acrylic.


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