Ethernet connection w ruida controller

Hello, I am completely new to this by the way.
I recently downloaded Lightburn for use with my 60 W laser with a Ruida controller. I have a MacBook Pro and an old PC, and cannot connect the mac via USB, however, I am able to connect to the old PC via USB. I have been trying to connect my mac to the Ruida controller via ethernet for some time, and have followed the related topic’s instructions to no avail. I am using a Trendnet switch to connect both my mac and my laser. Changing the IP address and registering manually doesn’t seem to work. After many unsuccessful attempts I tried connecting the PC via ethernet and it also didn’t work (note I changed to IP address of the controller to reflect the PC’s IP address). Can anybody recommend a workaround to connect to a mac? I am using a MacBook Pro with the latest OS.
Thank you!

You mentioned “have followed the relevant topic” - I assume you mean this?

If not, start with that, and when getting the IP address, make sure it’s the correct adapter. Your machine will have one for local, one for network, one for WiFi, etc, so you may need to try a couple base IP addresses before it works.

Yes that is the post I was mentioning. After trying with those instructions many times I have had no luck :confused:

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