Every thing is mirrored

I am new to lightburn and have a red Chinese 80w laser with a rudia controller. From the very start every time I send a job to the laser it is flipped on the x axis so all text reads backwards.

I read the posts about origin and have tried every setting in lightburn to change it. I tried both device and different job settings in each corner. I tried to change the origin in my machine. My laser homes in the upper left and the origin is set for the lower left.

If you would like pictures or video please let me know.

I should also mention that I save the cut files to a usb stick and load them into memory because I cannot consistently connect to my machine via usb.

Follow the directions in this post:

Will this work even if I am not connected to the laser? I seem to be having real issues connecting via usb? Maybe there is a driver I am also missing?

If you can’t connect, you could be missing a driver, yes. When you install LightBurn, there’s a check-box at the end to install an FTDI device. You can re-install the software and tick that box to get the Ruida driver.

And the jogging test does require that you’re connected.

Thank you I am one step closer now, I can connect the computer to my laser now after installing the driver then rebooting. One item to note is that on a Mac if you delete Lightburn and reinstall it you will not get the same configuration screens even if you do a deep uninstall. I just went to the FTDI website and downloaded the Mac driver.

Oz, the mirroring problem still exists though. I thought I would give you pictures though.

The jog control works but when I click on the screen to go to the lower left it went to the upper left.

I next tried a test burn, see it is mirrored.

Here are my settings

Thank you for your help.

Rereading your post I think I have it now. I will change my origin setting in lightburn to the upper left, that may fix it.

I changed the origin in the machine settings in Lightburn and it looks like it is fixed. I still only can connect to the laser randomly even though I installed the FTDI driver. Do you know if I would have the same issues if I put the laser on my network? I have not looked for guidance on connecting these lasers to the network but if that is a better option for sending files I am all for it.

You’re on a Mac - there are known conflicts between the built-in driver in MacOS and the FTDI driver that will cause ports to lock. That’s a fixable problem, but it requires editing some system level settings that not everyone is comfortable with. Using a network connection would not have that issue.

To fix the FTDI driver issue:

To connect the controller via Ethernet:

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