Expo CNC Ortur parts

New to laser cutters here, but have purchased an Ortur 20W and was reading and watching before it came.
I found a site that has an air assist nozzle and adjustable height beam focus module that seems to be some nice additions to the Ortur.

Has anyone got these on their system?

Hi Richard,
Indeed it’s a nice addition and works fine in my OLM2 15w, i’m totally satisfied with products.

I bought it and am waiting on delivery, I was thinking of running it with :


This deliver 602 gph (about 1.34 cubic feet per min) lower that what expo cnc recommends I might go with the 1030 gph version now that I’im thing more about it and actually did the conversions…

I utilize this one ;
With a 24l tank, when engraving, air at 15 PSI, the compressor star every 10 to 15 Mn.
I appreciate the two outlet, one is connected permanently to the laser, and the second one is used to air blow the engraved pieces.
Furthermore, I recommend you to buy a larger compressor with a tank, the price difference is not that high, and it’s worth to use a larger compressor.