Export Selected Objects - Feature Request

When designing something I often have to export parts of the project to either cut with my CNC or 3D print. To do that I have to delete parts of the design, export what’s left and then undo the deletions.

I wondered if it might be possible to be able to select certain objects and export only those?

Just a thought.

What I would do is, instead of deleting all the other objects, I would copy the one you want to export and open it as a new project in Lightburn and export it from there.

But it’s still a good suggestion. :+1:

What version are you running? I’m on 1.6.03 and it does just as you’re requesting. Doesn’t it for you?


I am using the same version as you are. (1.6.03)

I opened up LightBurn and tried it out as you suggested and yes it does export only the objects I selected. I had no idea that this was even possible. :shushing_face:

Usually when working with objects in a program you would select the ones you want to export, right click the objects and then click on “Export Selected” in the menu pop-up. In LightBurn there isn’t anything obvious saying that only the selected objects would be exported.

Thanks for pointing that one out for me. :+1:

You’re welcome :wink:

As a safe procedure after finishing your design you could Duplicate it and then export the parts you want. The original design always kept unchanged.

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I’m afraid we lost the intuitively obvious idiom when we ended up with more than 4 options under the FILE menu … :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Surprising though, most of what Lightburn does is pretty intuitive, you just have to accept how it’s overall design works…

I’ve got almost 6 decades using different software products and I have never used one that is as intuitive and easy to drive as Lightburn … I’ve used it a few years and I’m still learning new things about it… Of course having people working with development following the users sure helps a lot…

When I make a template, it has all the screw locations and artwork in the project. I can import that template project, I can use any of the templates artwork, such as screw hole locations.



Yes. I’m getting that. It took me a while to figure out how centering objects to one another work. Still working on the boolean functions. Seems the outcome depends on the order the objects are selected.

I think of it as this minus that is different from that minus this:

FWIW, if you undo and redo the operation, LightBurn automagically switches this and that for you.


I just tried that. Interesting info for sure!


A - B and B - A have different results… the order you select them reflects this.

From the Lightburn documentation on boolean operations

Boolean Subtract (also called Boolean Difference) will remove the area that the second selected shape overlaps the first shape by. The order in which you select shapes will determine the outcome. This tool also works with grouped items. If you end up subtracting the items in the wrong order, Undo, then perform the operation again - The undo switches the order of the items, so a simple Undo and click-again of of the Subtract button is a quick fix.

There is also a boolean assistant (ctrl + B)

Have fun…


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That’s something I never knew about either. :+1:

Must be “Learn LightBurn” day for me today. :smiley:

I find it’s applicable daily … :face_with_spiral_eyes: