Faces are not working for me

Hi, I bought the Ortur 20 W laser. I loaded Lightburn 9.23 and I am learning slowly.
Could someone please help, I want to burn pictures and faces into wood. I haven’t found the correct settings, the laser fires and burns into the wood and doesn’t do anything except burn a spot in place of the picture and there is no detail and no picture from the laser.
Thank you

You will need to give us more info… What kinda of wood? IS it focused? are you sure? what power/speed settings? Show us the file you are trying to burn. Show us your output with settings… more info pls

I tried on 3 mm birch plywood, mirror backside, and basswood. Making letters is no problem and the laser is focused. Earlier I saw a window that has grayscale adjustment in it and I haven’t found it again


Thank you Rick, I’m sure this will clear up a lot of things for me and I really appreciate your help…Looks like I’m going to have to set the edibles aside till I learn more here.

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You are welcome. Post back if you run into any barriers. :wink: Here to assist.

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