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Can I save my favorite layer’s settings instead of applying a color to each new design and then change settings individually? can i save layer’s colors with names and their settings so all that is left for me to do is to drag those on each design?

RED: FULL-CUT 4mmPoplar@100%@10mm/s
Orange: HALF-CUT 4mmPoplar@100%@20mm/s
YELLOW: ENG wood@30%@100mm/s

LightBurn provides several ways to do what you are wanting. Have a look at this.

Hi Rick.
Can you please show me an example?
Should I create a “clean” project with my layers settings, then design in canvas, then and before saving my project with a new name delete all vectors/objects used for these settings? if so, this is not the solution I was hoping for.

Have a read through this: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/MaterialLibrary.md#material-library

It is not clear to me what you are wanting. In looking at your example, I would look at the Materials Library as a way to save cut settings for different materials.

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Thank you. I should have rtfm. i am now building my library. can’t say this is intuitive, and that is to say the least. very confusing for me to understand the logic of how to add an entry but i will give it a go.

It’s not hard - generally when you’re testing a setting, you have something that exists that you’re working with (like a shape you’re trying to cut). Once you’ve found settings that work well, you select the layer setting in the cut list, then in the Material Library window you click ‘Create new from Layer’ and it copies the settings into a new, named material entry for you.

Later, when you want to apply that setting back to a layer in the cut list, you select the entry in the cut list, pick the material entry you want, and click ‘Assign to Layer’. That’s pretty much it.

Sounds simple but not really…
it would have been easier if moving between the library entries the right pane would update as cut settings window without the need to double click each to see the settings window, close it, move to next, and so on. i don’t want to sound complaining as i am taking my first steps, but you know the say - You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Are you asking for more of the cut settings information to be displayed while navigating the Materials Library tree?

Yes, Exactly so.

Thank you, we are always looking for ways to best provide and present information to the user without having the UI become cluttered or confusing. We support first-time laser users as well as the most advanced. It is a fine balance.

If you are willing, you can add suggestions and feature requests to our official ‘Feature Voting’ system from here.

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Getting there…

My wish is to be able to just by single mouse click or using arrows to scroll up/down each material and see the cut settings on the right pane for edit.

Nice suggestion. When posted to our ‘Feature Voting’ site, others can add their support, it helps track and prioritize our efforts and you will be notified when there is a change to the development status of said suggestion. :slight_smile:

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I do not understand this Fider thingy and why i need to log in to a new system. Hope my wish will eventually get there, somehow :slight_smile:

It’s a different system that allows the creation of a feature request, allows others to vote for it, and lets us see, sort, manage, and respond to the suggestions in a much more organized manner than random posts in our forum. :slight_smile:

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