Feature Suggestion - File Registration Marks

A feature I would like to suggest is to utilize the camera to track registration marks within a file and then use that data to align the cuts.

This would greatly simplify the alignment of multi-process parts (parts this have been previously printed etc) and would also work very well with fixtures such as jigs for repeatability.

Thank you. LightBurn provides a place for suggested features and allow folks to vote their support.

Please put your requests and suggestions there. Helps us track users requests and you will be notified when the status of things you are interested in changes. Please use search prior to new posting as to not create duplicate items.

I have a plan to do something like this. The camera won’t auto-track them, but I’ll allow you to manually tag printed registration marks in a background capture, similar to the way the marker tagging works during camera alignment, and then the output job will be automatically rotated / scaled / skewed to match the tagged markers.

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That sounds like a workable option. Glad to hear it is on the agenda.

Does anybody knows if the suggestion of the registration marks working in light burn has been given any thought?

You can do it manually now with the Print and Cut feature: https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/PrintAndCut.html

If you want automatic, that will have to wait until after we get head mounted camera support working. Automatic print and cut will be looked at after that.