Feeltek Controllers and Compatibility

I’m not an engineer or hardware developer, all these things are just from a layperson who likes to tinker with stuff. I’m totally out of my depth when it comes to hardware drivers and the conversion of my designs to the gcode my laser needs to engrave.

I know this doesn’t fit directly but I have been working a lot with the Feeltek galvo head over the past year. I’ve developed some custom code that add functionality to the 2D version of the Lensmark software (basically ezCAD 2) in a rather hacky way. My current codebase does things like generate test grids, create bitmap conversions at specific DPI using a ton of algorithms, inject additional settings or hatch patterns. The output of these is in a format native to Lensmark so I just have to use that application to actually burn the final engraving.

I’ve been pulling down a bunch of USB bulk data via Wireshark and am slowly decoding the data going to the controller. After getting more familiar with Lightburn software I do prefer a lot of what it does and would prefer to do my 2D design work in Lightburn.

I’m currently at a crossroads. Either I will do my design work itself in Lightburn then run a middle man program to convert the lbrn2 file to something Lensmark can read, then I will only need to run Lensmark for the actual engraving step. The second option is to fully unpack the Feeltek driver and get Lightburn to support these controllers, I’m willing to help with this as much as I can.

My understanding is that Lightburn can talk to a controller that talks ezcad2. However, if you hacked ezcad2, there is little chance Lightburn can play nice with that.