Fiber laser, when framing it starts the engraving and runs continuous

When i click frame the Live Framing box opens, it frames and starts engraving. I have to close that pop up window and click STOP on the main laser window on the right. Anyone know what i might have accidentally turned on or what is happening?

Sounds like io port settings are not correctly set.

Start Marking was set to 14, changed it to None and it seems to be working correctly again. Not sure how that got changed.

My 14 (high) is for my foot switch, when i toggle it the 1st time it frames, the 2nd toggle marks. Glad you got it figured out.

You likely have ‘require frame’ enabled in the galvo device settings.

Not all boards will have the foot switch wired to the same port. The image above shows pin 14 is on. It’s possible that when he presses the foot switch it turns off, in which case he’d need to set the toggle on the right to ‘Low’ instead of ‘High’.

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