File Import Issue

Let me preface by saying I know that colors don’t matter & it’s easy to change them in Lightburn. My concern isn’t that, although that’s what my example will include.

I’m having an issue importing files. I design in Inkscape and Silhouette. I’ve tried this in both programs & have the same issue. If I change a file and save it, when I import it into Lightburn, the old file continues to load. My preview is correct. When I open it in the design software it is correct. For example, if I design something and have the stroke set to red, but decide I want to change that to blue, Lightburn does not show that change no matter how many times I restart, or import again. Yes, I can just manually change the color of the object, but when I’m working quickly or dealing with intricate designs, that slows me down. Anyone know a fix to getting Lightburn to open the updated file?

I thought that. But I’m literally using black, red and blue. I’ve even made sure to enter the hex codes. If the file is red and I change it to blue, it will continue to import in red.

Here’s an old thread that has the LB color palette you can import to Inkscape and use for your drawings. It looks like I commented on how LB reacts to fill vs outline colors from Inkscape also.

Right, but my problem isnt that Im using a color not there. I strictly use the black, red and blue, which are on that chart. I could have red & blue lines in the original file - both show up fine. If I change one line, the change never shows when importing the updated file.

I don’t use fill, only outline. Here’s an example. Exact same file. The first, with all blue, is in my design software, this is an edit I made after initially designing the file. Second is lightburn. It is not a fill, only a stroke. The blue is the exact same hex code as the other blue lines that do register, so it isnt that I’m using an incorrect color shade

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