File Needed - Raycus RFL-P30QS Shipped with incorrect markcfg7 file

Hey folks,

A community member, through no fault of their own, received the incorrect markcfg7 file with their Glavo. With the source and frequency range mismatched, it’s been a struggle to get it stable and working properly. It took a little bit of digging to find out what was going on but it became obvious when comparing the model number, to the User’s manual, to the imported markcfg7 file.

If anyone has the markcfg7 file for Raycus RFL-P30QS please make a copy of it, add .txt to the end of it, and attach it to this thread.

I’ve rummaged through the Manufacturer’s website enough to get the User’s Manual. As expected, the manual is fairly lean on information about the settings and I couldn’t find the markcfg7 file.

If this thread closes, please send the file to me directly, email it to with a link to this forum post, or send it to @Stoler on the forum.

Thanks for making this a great experience and a great community!


Hi JohnJohn,

the source has not a far range. I have two of this sources here.

40 till 60 kHz

I believe you need one associated with the users lens… The lens correction information is in this file.

I’d suggest he try the vendor… although I wouldn’t keep these around


Hi guys, sorry if this has been resolved somewhere else, but I am having this same issue with my Monport 30W Raycus with a 150mm lens.
I reached out to the manufacturer/distributor just to get the same wrong file from them after 20 days of pulling teeth. I created my own topic on this with no responses.
My trial has only 10 days left on it and I can’t do anything to get this set up right. Please help.

Most of these have a markcfg7 supplied file… this doesn’t exist on the supplied memory stick?

Where did this cor file come from?

The cor and the markcfg7 files are unique to each lens and aren’t interchangeable.

If this is a new machine, I’d contact the vendor.

In the device settings you can change the type of source to the type you have.

Was it in the device settings that you encountered the cor file error?


The markcfg7 file that is included on the stick looks like is configured for an IPG_YLP with min frequency 20KHz and max at 200KHz. I contacted the vendor and after three weeks of going back and forth with a poor communication they sent me the same set of files. People that are in charge of communicating with the vendor are totally clueless about their product and are forwarding the messages to “engineers”

If all that the .cor file contains is correction for the lens to make everything sync and square up, then I can adjust those myself. I followed LaserEverything’s video on YouTube and got it tuned up for EZCad2.

I am not familiar with all the latencies, frequencies etc when it comes to setting it up, but I’m willing to play with it if it’s possible.

Laser everything has videos on adjusting the delays…

If you use a cor file, many of the adjustments are grayed out… but it should work. I’ve done two lenses using the Laser Everything video and CoreFile2 from EZCad2

Do you have the manual for that source?


Laser came with a manual but it just describes how to set up EZCad2 and install drivers.
It also came with a Raycus Cert.

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