File "Out Of Bounds"

I have used a file multiple times, and the last run I made it said the digram may be out of bounds. It still allowed me to preview the work and it looked great, no issues. I began the project and 2 hours in, the image was distorted and damaged. I deleted that file, started from scratch, same thing. Can anyone help me out? I have attached the file
SMTC FINAL.lbrn2 (926.5 KB)

I fixed it!

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What was the Solution? How did you fix it?

I celebrated too soon, it is not fixed. So still looking for help.

It’s out of bounds for me. I’d have to adjust it for my engraver.
Please provide a screen capture so i can see what you need.

This may be worth review:

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I see that you have a graphic in your file and a trace.
You may have good success if you move the graphic to a tool layer and generate Fill settings for your traced line art.

Thank you all for the support.