Files not being received by machine

Hey all
Struggling laser user here
Had to install lightburn onto borrow Mac book today due to laptop dying on me.

Faced issues straight away with laser point, origin, XY slope etc but seem to be making progress.

However the files are not sending to machine. I have made sure output is on. Using USB cable from computer to machine. File was received once or twice but then no longer sending.

Machine is 60w chinese laser that has been a nightmare from day 1.

I’d really appreciate any help I can get thank you

Read here:

I am using MacBook Air ver 11.5.2 and lightburn ver 1.o.o2, cannot use frame goes to first cornet and stops also sends message to say could not load library

@fescoey1, you did not read this? It would be helpful to provide your feedback in the other thread posted.

I’m the last person to help anyone however check your job origin on lightburn and also origin in device settings (I have them both set at top left corner) this seemed to make a difference for me

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