Fill is reversed - want to do an outline but filling my whole shape

Help. I need the fill to be reversed. The white parts should be filled, and the solid parts should not be filled. Why is this backwards?

I joined them all together, put a box around it, and it’s ignoring the outline.

It seems to think that outside border that isn’t being recognized is an open shape. I have broken it apart, and rejoined it. It still will not fill correctly.


I did try that. I duplicated that outline, and it still did not work. It seems to be ignoring that outline.

Since you have a black fill showing, it’s likely that you have a black border around everything too, probably under the purple one.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

This is the black layer:

This is the purple layer:

If I change the purple layer to the black layer, it does this:

The white parts should be black, and the black parts should be white

Can you email the file to with a link to this thread? I suspect the outer shape isn’t closed / joined, or it’s duplicated.

I have sent it! Thank you!

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