Fill issue with #14 Text

14 will not fill text

I have tried many different layer colors none seem to allow fill for text.
It does net show in preview.

LightBurnLog.txt (12.0 KB)

Not sure why you included a log file instead of the file you’re actually unable to get to fill.

Are you expecting it to fill in the edit window? Or the preview?

I thought the file was a result of my test run.
I’ll try again

The “color” is not what controls whether you get a “fill” effect. The color is there to help you distinguished between different ‘Layers’. The ‘Cut Setting’ (‘Line’, ‘Fill’, or ‘Fill+Line’) controls the type of cut you want to perform for that ‘Layer’. You can change the ‘Cut Setting’ for each 'Layer you choose and you can do so by the color selector.

We will also need to know where you are expecting this Fill to be rendered. Are you talking about the shapes you see onscreen or the laser output seen in the ‘Preview’, or the actual output from running a job, burning into your material?

If you are wanting to “see” the fill onscreen, in your workspace while preparing your work, you can select one of the ‘Window’→’Filled’…renderings, although this can cause issues and should be used more for spot-checking your work. Things can get covered making them hard to see in this mode.

The log contains internal things that we’re curious about. It doesn’t contain your file, or cut settings, or anything like that. Those you can post easily enough.

I redid my test using only LB all worked well.
I retried my test using CD x 8 ALL WORKED WELL!!!
I have no idea of what changed or ???
All is well once again thanks for you support and help Once again.

let’s look at the file itself, there is always a logical explanation.

Using CorelDraw X8

I have made a 4" heart cut out of 1/4" acrylic.

It is 3/4" thick so there is waist in the center.

So I Engraved that heart with text.

I have been working on this for a couple weeks.

And have made a few using LB.

When #13 came out Frame was an issue.

Once fixed # 14 I made another heart. No problem, That was Sunday.

I ran the project again using a different acrylic.

When the (same) file got to LB, I ALWAYS use PREVIEW to make sure all is well and shows what I want.

This time looking at preview there was NO TEXT in that center heart. Blank.

The rest of the project looked fine, no issues.

I tried a bunch of things to see if I could get text in preview. Blank.

I finally made a 1" sq to be filled. Text to be filled. 1" sq not to be filled using Using CD x8

Sent to LB # 14. Preview showed 1" filled sq, Blank for Text, 1" sq cut was ok.

I then Made the same stuff in LB #14, Preview showed all and no issue. ???

So I tried the Test one more time from CD x8 to LB … Previewed & it was All there no problem!!!

I did it a couple times … all was well.


I sent my heart project to LB looked at preview … NO PROBLEM !!!

I ran the project and ALL IS WELL!.

I have no clue … what changed.

I did try different colors for the fill and settings. BECAUSE

When I send from CD to LB the colors are different.

Example: In CD I use Black for cut 1/4" acrylic. I use Red for Engraving. I use Maroon for cut 1/8" acrylic.

In LB, Black usually comes over from CD x8 (not always). Red does not. So I change it to red (2) Maroon does not and gets changed also.

I do this so I can be consistent with projects.

And so it goes

You mention that you start in Corel. If you set a fill and a stroke color in Corel, it will export twice - once for the fill and once for the stroke. Those will cancel each other out in LightBurn, which is likely the problem. If you do ‘Delete Duplicate Shapes’ it will usually find them for you.

This post explains why:

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Thank you I will check that out

That’s what happens to me once in a while, too, and because you can’t see two objects lying above each other in the same layer, it’s the last thing you’re looking for. But for me, this happens by cloning ungrouped objects and “reusing” them in multiple places. Sometimes there are “leftovers” I haven’t collected properly. —Delete Duplicates----is my good friend :wink:

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