Fill just stopped in the middle of a job

Howdy gurus, I’m running a job but all of a sudden the fill stopped working. The laser, a 60w Chinese blue, outlines fine. Just no fill. Rebooted the PC and lase…no fill.

You didn’t provide much for us to go on here. Controller? OS? LightBurn version? Settings? We want to help, but we are going to need a bit more than “Chinese blue”. :slight_smile:

Hi, it is a Ruida with the latest update of light burn windows. It’s been fine for a year, just happened.

Thank you for sharing part of what was asked, but we really do need the rest to start helping you. Please provide a full-screen screen capture showing the ‘Cuts’ window and also have the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window for the layer you are having issues with open as well. That way, we can review your settings and refine our questions as we troubleshoot this with you. :wink:

Howdy, all of a sudden my laser, a Cinese blue 69w, just stopped filling. Outlines fine but no fill. It happened in the middle of a multi unit job. 4 okay then nothing but outlines. Rebooted everything, still won’t fill. Secondly, it runs to passes of outline even though it is set for one. Any ideas?

Ahh - This sounds like an art issue, not a settings issue. You most likely have duplicate outlines that cancel each other out when filling.

I will get the info up when I get home. Here is the issue in the mean time. I was putting line and fill names on coasters, replacing names as needed without touching the parameters. I changed a name as I did two dozen times prior but just the outline came out. No changes other than the name.

I will take a screen shot after work. I appreciate your jumping in to help.

Please pardon the double post, I didn’t think the first one went through since I couldn’t find it after writing it.

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You should check this first. If this does not resolve, then post settings as requested.

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Check to make sure your water pump was on. If it wasn’t, you’d get dramatically reduced power fairly quickly, and then the laser would stop working altogether.

Water is on, The Ruida won’t fire without it.

Well, egg on my face. After taking the screen shot I decided to redo the piece and deleted the art to find…(trumpets blaring) It was in fact duplicated in place. An art error.

Thanks everyone for jumping in. Oz, love the software and this forum. Best help anywhere.

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