Fill+Line question


is there a way to do the following in one job ?

I’d like the zone “1” to be fill+line without filling the blue circle
The blue circle needs another fill+line parameters.

Or do I need to do it in two jobs ?


Do a boolean operation to create a donut and fill that.

If you add another, duplicate ring on the same layer as the largest, you should get what you are after.

Zoomed in Preview to show detail.

This is a good post explaining how LightBurn uses boundaries as a toggle to define what gets filled and what is not.

Thanks for your answers but I’m not sure it would allow me to do what I want.
Basically I’d like to engrave something like this:

in one job.
The real project will be using a DXF file, more complex than this but this would be the same principle

it is quite easy, start by engraving the large diameter including the area in the middle, then you engrave layer 2 with the small depression. It is almost the same procedure as metalworking with one lathe, one process after another.

I wanted to avoid that as I already did all the testing for passes/speed/power for specific depths :smiley:
I guess multiple jobs it is ! :slight_smile:

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