Filling 2 power settings on a single pass

Can two different power settings be filled in one pass?

ex. black fill 400 speed 35 power
yellow fill 400 speed 15 power

Or do they have to run one at a time?

Just trying to figure out how to cut run time with different fill settings…

I do not understand your question. Each task you ask the laser to do has to run “one at a time”. Maybe you could try again, explaining the job and desired workflow, some images might help as well.

Two different layers can’t be run at the same time, no - They could also have different scan angles, interval settings, air assist values, etc.

What you can do is use the same layer with a different Power Scale value applied to the shapes. Power Scale, applied to the shape itself, scales the power setting between Min Power and Max Power. If your Min is 10% and your Max is 30%, 50% Power Scale would be half way between those, and you’d end up with a 20% power output.

All of these are in the same layer:


Using the suggestion above, and to speed up the job, also look at setting ‘Fill all shapes at once’. All shapes on that layer will be filled in a single go, vers filling each individual shape completely before moving to the next shape to be filled.



Thank you guys for the explanation. I will have to try adjusting the power scale for different shapes. I didn’t know the feature existed.

This might be of help then:

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