Fire Button doesnt work

Im new. Ive been using my Ortur LM2 pro with no problems but when i go to settings and Enable Laser Fire Button restart program and laser now non of my controls work anymore like frame or start button and when i click on Fire it doesnt do anything. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Set your laser to 10% on the setting next to the fire button.(not in front of laser at the minute) If 10% is not enough increment in 2s upto max 20%

Also to frame with laser active hold shift key down while clicking frame button.


Hi Dale
Thank you it started to work when i got to .50%

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Hey JMichael yes the laser just turns on when I set it at .5 anything lower it will not come on. Thanks for replying

Yes sir OD +6 up to 490nm got these ones they even have the printing on the lens

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