First time with the camera

Hi everyone, I tried for the first time to use a video camera and ALMOST everything is fine, I passed the calibration test but the image that is shown in the main frame is mirrored (the true one is in the small window) - does anyone have any idea of the why does this happen?

pps (Sculpfun S9)

(ps. I don’t know if this information can be useful but I have the absolute coordinate in the upper right corner)

For a Sculpfun S9, the device origin should be set to the bottom left corner- having that set to the top right would have caused the target markers to be output in the incorrect orientation. Change the device origin to the bottom left, and then re-run the alignment process. Take care to mark the targets in the correct, numbered order.

You can adjust your Device Origin by going to ‘Edit’ > ‘Device Settings’, or by clicking the wrench icon in the top menu bar.

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First of all thanks for your answer …

I forgot to write that I have the machine mounted upside down (because for space problems they can connect it to the desktop only in that way) so, if I turned the engraver correctly, the origin would be in the lower left

even so do you think that the problem can only be solved by bringing the origin to the bottom left? (because in the main frame of the camera the image is correct)

Your origin needs to be in the bottom left for your device type, regardless of its physical position, because output is oriented relative to that point. Since the origin is bottom left when it’s in the correct position, it needs to be set there in LightBurn, regardless of how you turn it. This will mean your camera overlay will be inverted from the physical orientation and preview camera capture, but will be correct relative to your device origin, which is more important for outputting graphics correctly.

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thanks for the very clear explanation but I doubt it is not that simple, because when I simply set the absolute coordinate in the lower left (and the Gcode g92 x0 y0 and the value $ 10=0) then I find the engraver again with the commands reversed (Up instead of down and left instead of right). — I think I will have to look for a solution to put the engraver in the right direction.

Last question before attempting the great feat, if you want: what should the ideal distance between the camera and the honeycomb be?

It sounds like the movements are in the wrong direction relative to the way you have it oriented, but correct relative to the intended/accurate origin of bottom left. Putting the laser is a physical orientation that matches this would probably be a bit easier on your brain, but you may also get used to thinking upside-down!

The ideal distance is the lowest point you can mount it from at which it still captures your entire workspace in the preview image. It’s hard to say for sure from your photo, but it does look like you’re just about at that point already.

It’s also possible that when you did Camera Alignment that you did not pick the targets in the correct numeric order. Make sure that’s correct.

Also, if you want to keep the orientation of your laser and use it so that direction works correctly create a new Topic for what you’re trying to do and someone can help you get that setup.

Yes, it is that simple :). Wrong origin. I battled this for a longtime in the beginning.

thank you all for the contributions; at the moment I’m still looking for a way to finally turn the engraver in the right direction; it’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time but I’ve often postponed it; now that I also have the reason I will do it, but it is not easy for the limited spaces from the use of a Desktop PC. — Then of course I will redo the procedure being careful to follow it step by step. Thanks again