Flattening levels at print to speed up engraving

Is there an option that I am missing to basically at print time to flatten all the levels of LB into one so each level doesn’t print individually sometimes causing longer burn times? For example I have a border around the project that takes forever even with fast scan on because it is only a little area to actually engrave but has a long ways to go between the top and bottom edges on a 12x12 substrate, to come back and do objects that are inside the border. It would be better if it was possible during the white space travel to also fill in those objects at the same time reducing the movement of the laser head over now requiring moving over the substrate twice.

There are some Optimization settings in the Laser window - depending on your file there might be some gains there.

If you’re working with gray-scale images I don’t believe that you can flatten other art into them.

If you’re willing to share the file someone would likely be able to make a well informed suggestion.


Thank you for the response. Here is one of the files I was referring to - it has a boarder that engraves first (and takes a long time even with white space turned on), then goes back and engraves the other objects.

Dani Memorial Tile.lbrn2 (2.3 MB)