Focus test not working?

I have a boss 1420 and was playing with this focus test option in the new version of light burn.

I ran the test and these were my results:

It doesn’t look like the head or table moved at all and the whole results were the same?

Did I do something wrong or does it just not work with my machine? I couldn’t find any documentation on it.

Thanks for your help!

Do you have z axis enabled in device settings in LB?

In Edit > Device Settings, enable Z, and also enable Relative Z moves.

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Thank you. I found the settings and will give it a go.

The Z access is the up / down correct?

In the focus test, it starts at 0. Does that use my auto focus to know when its at 0 or is 0 when I manually bring the head to the material and start from there?

Is there documentation anywhere for this focus test? I did not see anything and want to make sure I do it right.

Thanks again.

There’s another thread happening today that covers this: Focus Test questions

See my response in the 4th post of that thread.

Thank you, just to clarify.

I set the head so its touching the board and then run the test? or do an auto focus and then run the test?

Running it from zero height (touching the board) will make it easier to work with the results.

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