Focus Test - Optional Power for Numbers

Can the future versions of Lightburn allow for the numbers to be at a different power than the lines?


From my understanding of the Focus Test it’s to see where you’re laser focus is at, why would you want to change the lines power? What would that purpose serve? All the power levels that are used are the most common powers used, at least for me.

I am not wanting to change the power of the lines. That is set in the focus test parameters.

I am wanting to adjust the power of the numbers that go with each line.

Might suggest you post this request to the Feature Addition page discussed in here.

This allows us to measure interest in a particular feature request and helps us prioritize our efforts.

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Thanks. I have submitted they request…

Can you help me understand why? The focus test would normally be done at very low power, so you can easily find the narrowest beam. The same power value should work for the text.

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if you do the test, sometimes you can see the lines but not read the numbers
I guess that is the problem

When I do the focus test with paper or card stock it tends to burn through even at very low power. Running at 15% (100w Tube). I may be doing the test wrong but I use the smallest line that burns though the paper to set my focus height.

The focus distance isn’t going to be different for different materials. You can do this test once on a piece of wood, then just use that same focus distance for everything. (distance from the material surface to the nozzle)

You can also adjust the ratio of power on the object grouping while keeping it on the same layer.

You could if it was a normal cut file, but it’s auto-generated and sent to the laser without user control.

It more has to do with the definition of the number, and after further thought it may not be something that is correctable or viable with the added Z axis moves.

When the using a focus range of 5mm, as example, when the focus is at its far ends of the swing the numbers are out of focus and hard to read. After testing, lowering the power does help with this.

ie: if you start at 5mm bed focus and do a scale from 0 to 5mm, and the true focus point that works is at 6.8mm, the starting 0.0 is out of focus and hard to read, this is also the same as it goes to the opposite end of the scale.

It was just a thought.
Thanks !

… but… those numbers don’t matter - you don’t care about them, because obviously they’re out of focus, right…? The whole point is finding the right focus value. The numbers being out of focus helps determine that. :slight_smile:

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What is the point of the numbers on that test focus tool? Like I didn’t get it, it doesn’t change how the laser cuts, if it’s telling you how high you need to adjust the laser hight how do you read it as I’m completely lost as to why use it. As to better explain myself when I did it I found that 2 was very clear and clean but what does that mean, if it’s how much you’re supposed to adjust the laser what does it measure in mm or inches? NOTE: I can only jog the laser twice up or down before hitting the limit switch, I don’t know where to adjust the jog settings so that I can move in thousandths.

They are mm of height for the Z. What they mean depends on whether you are using absolute or relative Z moves. Absolute moves would mean that the Z is at that exact height. Relative moves would mean that the Z was that many mm above where you started.

Okay, well I don’t know that I can really use that feature because I only have little over a inch of travel and like I said I can only jog it 2 times, if I tried to jog it a third time it will crash, now I’ve been doing current location as my job origin if that makes a difference, as far as I can tell I can’t lower the jog movement.

There is a Distance value on the move window that controls how far it moves.


Now I feel stupid :joy: thanks, I don’t remember seeing that but probably just over looked it, would it be there even though I have it set for beginners, that setting y’all offer I set it too that 2 months ago lol :laughing: I’m just now really starting to mess with LightBurn!! Thanks again!!!

so what I’m guessing that 6.5 mm off of the Z axis is the best focus or am I miss understanding?

From this it looks like 0 had the best focus. Do you have relative Z moves enabled? If so, it would just be whatever height you started at.