Focusing a fixed focus ortur lm2 20 watt

Ok, i have “heard” that using the aluminum cylinder that came with the laser is not the best method to focus the fixed focus ortur lm2 20 watt. My block that came with it is 29mm, this seems to short?


It may close if it measures to the bottom of the Laser Module, not the lens.
Search the forum for Ramp Method Focus to learn about focus calibration techniques then you’ll know the correct height for the module.

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will this work for the fixed lens version?

Yes, of course. The method simply allows you to identify the line that has the best focus with the lens’ fixed focus. You then measure from that line to the base of your lens and then you can make a block exactly that size and use it as your focus block.


ok, ill look this up and give it a go:) thanks for the help.