Following edge with high power burn, unintended

Fiber MOPA, ONLY on this layer, I get a solid border on all sides with one fill layer only. Like to be able to duplicate it. Not sure what is going on. Maybe someone else can test it. Just curious, before I install the latest ver.

red1.lbrn2.txt (10.1 KB)

Does this mean are desirable?

If not, I don’t see anything in the layer that I’d think would cause this…

I ran it on your file via preview and I can’t see where this may be occurring there.

My fiber has a jig set on it new, that I can’t move, so I can’t try it on mine. I have to have it freed up in a day or two… sorry about that.

There’s some other people with fibers hanging around that may be able to test it for you in a more timely fashion …

You could try fill shapes individually in the cut layer…

Just out of curiosity, what are these?

You don’t have to append a .txt to Lightburn project files, they will up fine… I always try it first, then add the .txt extension… I can’t remember which is which either…


Yes, desirable if I knew what caused it. The red is real light on the stainless so the border really makes it stand out, I’m going to turn off bi-direction next time I’m messing with it and see if it only occurs on leading edge, may have something to do with the laser turning on such a short pulse/ high speed.
The whole image was a 4 color “Don’t tread on me” test on a flask, just deleted everything except a red, and then tried the square.

Turn off bidirectional fill only marks 2 sides so seems to suggest it is the pulse turning on.

I don’t do bidirectional much, seems that the timing to get things right really slow down the whole process…

I think everything on mine is set to 0, except polygon.

Good luck… don’t know what else to suggest… did you try the optimizing?


Got my timing dead on, ran through the exercise a couple different times seems like some of the LB upgrades re-set it. Something to check after upgrade. Now I keep a screenshot of the various lenses. Scale/ bulge etc not affected by upgrades.

Bi makes a huge runtime difference at faster speeds/ close intervals for instance on this light red (3500mm/s) almost cuts time in half.

Check on optimization, but on a single simple fill shape probably not that relevant.

On at least 2 of my lenses bulge and scale are modified, skew and trap 1.00 would have to run down to the basement to check the setup for the 3rd one but assume pretty much the same. All are square and scale is good.

Lightburn doesn’t change these or at least shouldn’t… As far as I know they are data sets that are only modified by you. If they are EZCad files, Lightburn reads them when you create the device and stores them…

If you can show this is actually changing, I think the developers would like to know…

Maybe @JohnJohn can give us some kind of procedure to check this.


Only the timing and jump, not the Scale/ bulge. It happened when I went t0 1.4, haven’t done the latest upgrade yet, see what happens. I also changed computers so may have been my screw-up but really seemed to coincide with update.

Many times it’s not a good idea to do all that stuff without ensure you have some stability…

I serious doubt it’s Lightburn and I haven’t seen it, but have been working with the co2 a bit lately, now that it’s cooled down here.

I know of no way except from Lightburn about if this is possible. I’ve hosed these settings up more than once, so I understand…


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You can recover your previous settings if they got lost during your update.

Do you still have access to the computer you were using before? The Prefs file will be really nice to have.

Thanks for the video.
Yes I do have the other laptop, that’s where the screen shot came from.
Im also running timing checks on the different lenses, (theoretically should all be the same)
And finally after timing dialed in run the test speed at progressively higher speeds. Top of my head timing starts to need re-adjustment from 4000 to 7000 but all good below 4000. (All mm/s)
I like the feature having timing overrides on the layers, haven’t used it yet, 3500mm/s about my fastest speed except for glock stippling once up over 4000 and I could see timing a little off.

Asked Cloud Ray what galvo was on my machine… I got this from them. Seems engraving speed is limited to 5m/s and move speed to 10m/s.


Looked my galvonometer part number up (after having it for 16 months) SG7110. 5000/8000.
But that is based on a f=160mm lens, so theoretically an F=320 it would be traveling twice as fast. My 300x300 is an F=420 so 2.625x faster.
Or am I on drugs?
Curious what galvonometer is on your cloudray and what lens is that based on.

If I create a mechanical machine, the specifications would be based on it’s mechanical abilities, not what someone uses as a lens…

Check out this thread…

I’d like to find an actual manual on mine…


I believe the speed is set by the BJJCZ board, which is why the galvo says such and such speed with such and such lens. The manufacturer did not supply a manual but specs were “Marking Speed 7000mm/s” no lens specified. 7000mm/s seemed to be a pretty common spec for MOPA lasers back in June 2022 when I had mine built by XT laser. Sent an email to Zinzhao asking for the full manual for the EZCAD Board BJJCZ FBLI-B-V4 Control Card See what shakes out.
As far as above post, I believe if you set up each lens correctly 2000 will still be 2000. If you just screw in another lens with the 300x300 setup then yes, agree with the poster, speed would be affected.

But we didn’t build these!
If I buy a chevy and it runs 2000 rpm at 70 mph, and then change the tire size, it will increase or decrease the speed at the same RPM. Kind of the point about different lens size.
These are pretty cool machines, and software, but I think the suppliers/ builders don’t get anymore information then we do about the components. If it works and lasts a year or 2, everyone happy. If not, they just start sending you more parts. Fortunately I am in the first group, (Even though I like to tinker inside the box) but over on LMA there are a lot of horror stories from the second group!
I am glad to find others that actually want to (or do?) understand the science, big help having someone to bounce this stuff off.

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