Font not rendering correctly - specific font

I’ve used the font in other softwares and know that it’s rendering correctly.
However, even though it appears in the correct style in the Font drop down menu, when I change or use the font, it only renders as if it’s something like Arial Bold.

Would someone else confirmm what I’m seeing.
I could of course select another font that’s close but I’d prefer this one.

I note that this one appears to have a space in the front of its name because it appears in the top of the list alphabetically (which it shouldn’t). Not sure it that’s what’s hosing it up in LightBurn, but it does work in other software as I’ve stated.

I also converted the font to OTF format with an online converter but that didn’t help.

This is a Free Font for Commerical Use.

Ariana Violeta.ttf.txt (29.6 KB)

It doesn’t work for me either, strange

I downloaded your font, removed the .txt ending to turn it into “Ariana Violetta.ttf”, installed it. It did NOT work in LightBurn. I opened Open Office, used the font, works nicely. So something is goofy with this font or LightBurn has issues with something in it. BTW: I am on Windows 11.

I’ve just checked the font file out with Microsoft’s Font Validator tool and it reports lots of warnings and errors. It means nothing to me but it might mean something to someone who knows their stuff font-wise.

See attached report. As usual, delete the .txt file extension before opening.
Ariana Violeta Validation Report.pdf.txt (340.1 KB)

Thanks for validation!
I didn’t think I was cray-cray but wanted to be sure. Ha!

Good thing it’s a free font, though I do wish it worked.

Sixteen pages of errors/warnings is ridiculous. Thanks for running the check!

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No problem. Yes, it does seem like a lot of errors but I don’t know what’s normal. I installed it and tested it in a few applications with varying results.

Inkscape doesn’t even list it as an available font.

In MS Word it was listed in the available fonts but didn’t render properly:

CorelDraw 2018:

Affinity Designer:

LibreOffice Writer:

I’m not sure how much that helps but at least LB isn’t alone in having issues with this font.

Thanks for looking deeper. It’s a beautiful font (my opinion).
I’ve used FontForge, free open source font editor, in the past.
Tomorrow, I’ll bring the victim in and interrogate it under the flood lights to see if it will give up its secrets.

Yes, I had a look at the font in FontForge yesterday and it found various errors. I thought I’d have a go at fixing it this morning and I think I’ve been successful :grinning:

Here’s a screenshot from LB:

… and a screenshot from MS Word:

It also works in Inkscape, however, there’s a bug in Inkscape where some fonts don’t show in the available fonts list. I found out that you need to ‘Install for all users’ to get it to show. This might be superfluous but thought I’d mention it for anyone using Inkscape.

While I was at it I removed the leading space in the font name so it appears in the logical place in the font list:

I’m sure I haven’t fixed all the issues but it seems to work anyway.

When I saved it from FontForge it defaulted to OTF so I just left it at that.

Hope it works for you.

ArianaVioleta - Repaired.otf.txt (103.1 KB)


It works beautifully!
Thanks for repairing it.
Hopefully I can repay you somehow at a later time.

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Great, glad it worked!

No need! :wink:

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That happened to me with a different font. I switched from using the .otf version to .ttf and it worked fine. I’m not sure if it’ll help you too?

Yeah, I’d done that on other fonts that didnt play well in LightBurn, i.e., used OTF versions if I could find them when the TTF didn’t work (and vice versa).
I even took this one and did an online conversion to OTF but that didn’t fix it.
Anyway, now that Marcus has fixed that issue, whatever it was, I pulled it into Type Light v3.2 and added the missing apostrophe (glyph hadn’t been assigned).
So here’s the latest fixed with the apostrophe glyph that I drew up in Type Light.
Funny thing is, I never realized that LightBurn would substitute glyphs if they weren’t present in the font file itself.

Ariana Violeta wA.otf.txt (31.7 KB)


Thanks for repairing the font file. While it’s somewhat outside the scope of what we’re doing here it’s really great to see.

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