Fox Alien air assist

I am trying to connect the Fox Alien air assist to my Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro. I do not have an extra 12v connector on the laser to connect the air assist power cord to. What do you suggest I do?

Alison Schmidt

Assume it’s this pump?

They show it plugged into the their machine. I’d suggest you purchase another power supple, that’s the safest bet. There is no current specification that I could see, but it should be low cost to pick up a supply for it.

Good luck


Yes that’s it. Thank you.

It’s always nice to include a link to the ‘object’… :crazy_face:

Good luck, let us know how it works out when you get it installed and up…


This is how I fixed this problem. I found the 12v cord that would fit the air assist pump but it had a cigarette lighter connection… who knew they still made these? I also by chance have an inverter that we use for power at art shows. This has been working very well so far. I hope it helps.

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