Frame button not working

I am new to lightburn. I am trying to engrave onto a piece of wood. I need to use the frame tool to determine where to set my laser. When I click on the frame tool it will not do anything. It simply shows “ok” in the console.

What does the preview button show? Right click to open the menu, click on preview. -or- click on the TV looking button in the top line of icons.

It is showing the image I am trying to engrave.

It engraves it fine when I practice it on scrap wood but I am engraving a handmade cedar box for a wedding gift and I cannot mess it up lol.

Turn off the laser.
Reboot Lightburn software.
Turn laser on.
Hit HOME button.

-Did the laser go back to home?
Does the laser head move when you hit Frame?

It went back home but it does not move at all when I hit frame.

For now, let’s set aside your gift and work over scrap wood.

Select all (ctrl+A) - is there anything outside your laser print grid? If you have stuff on the workspace but outside the laser print area it will stop the frame.
Then try the frame button and the frame rubber band button.

This is what happened when I selected all. Neither frame button does anything.

Next show us the LAYERS button on the right side menu. Make sure your project is on a LAYER that is set to OUTPUT.

Hellloooo? Did you find a resolution to your frame button problem???

I am so sorry! I have not. It’s so weird. It will frame it out if it is a file I download but since this is something I typed into on lightburn, it will not. And it also stops at 93% every time.

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Sorry to hear you still have problems. Can you upload the project here? I would be happy to try it on my setup.

Well now I have a whole new problem with it not connecting at all. I tried to install my roller and since I disconnected it, the laser will not work at all.

You have absolute cords selected in the Laser window. Change it to current position and see if it frames.

Unless that’s how your laser works. I have no idea with an Ortur

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