Frame problem e connection problem

hi all, i have some problems with lightburn. I have the trial version and I arrive from lasergrbl, I would like to switch to lightburn for the greatest potential and I am testing the trial version! I use mks dlc chinese control grbl 1.1 on a self-built cnc with lcd panel and offline functionality.

if I save the gcode from lightburn and use the sd card when on the machine I go to frame to place the piece, the frame is totally wrong with respect to the engraving size. if I start the incision directly, everything is fine except that I can’t center it in the piece without frame.

connecting usb and using the automatic search (grbl 1.1) the frame works well but the engravings at some point go crazy and the laser moves to random points ruining the work. error 1. error 2. error3. error20.

i prefer to work offline with sd card and gcode because the laser is away from the laptop. I’d rather fix the wrong frame problem, lightburn has much more advanced features than lasergrbl and I’d like to buy it if only I could fix these problems! I thank everyone who can help me and I apologize for my english (google) good day!

Ich denke das du zuerst mal mit dem Laptop und USB an den Laser gehen solltest. Wenn das richtig funktioniert würde ich den Offline betrieb testen.
Als erstes muss Lightburn richtig mit deiner Maschine arbeiten, dann der nächsten schritt.

I think you should go to the laser first with the laptop and USB. If that works correctly I would test the offline operation.
First, Lightburn has to work properly with your machine, then the next step.

I thank you for the answer. I believe that lightburn and my card via usb have communication problems or that as another user in my configuration we have problems using the TFT lcd display at the same time

i have to try to unplug lcd and see if there are still problems.

my main goal is to use lightburn for offline work with the SD card, otherwise it would not be useful for me because I have to take the projects to the laboratory where there are machines that make dust and it would not be wise to put a laptop.

could you help me with the frame issue which is totally wrong with the actual engraving size? thank you good day

I understand your concerns. But first of all, lightburn has to work properly with your machine. after that comes the offline work. if lightburn is not set correctly on your machine the SD card may not work properly

how can i best set it? these are my grbl settings. thank you

Questo con scheda SD offline. Mi viene il dubbio se potrebbero essere i commenti nel gcode che non vengono supportati dalla mia scheda di controllo

Ad esempio
; C00 1 pass of 5

Può essere che fanno perdere la comunicazione?

new experiments! there seem to be 2 problems !!

I did various tests:

  • by disconnecting the touchscreen I use lightburn usb also it stops them. error 2 error 25

  • by disconnecting touchscreen from lightburn same drawing by exporting gcode and reopening in lasergrbl always usb everything WORKS perfectly!

  • exporting gcode from lightburn with touchscreen panel by changing the file extension to .nc (lasergrbl) does not work correctly

  • exporting gcode from lightburn and deleting all comments manually with touchscreen panel does not work correctly

only test n.2 seems to work correctly so the problem I think in lightburn there must be something that escapes me

another thing i noticed that in the gcode generated by lightburn the coordinates are negative. with the same drawing but with gcode generated by lasergrbl the coordinates are all positive.

for now I am using lightburn to create the gcode, I transfer it to lasergrbl and then directly with usb and laptop I do the engraving.mks tft24 offline only works fine with lasergrbl generated and unconverted gcodes

yes, I isolated the problem! it is the gcode generated by lightburn that causes me problems. no electrical interference or grounding problems.

when there are negative coordinates the laser goes crazy and does not digest them!

sometimes exporting just the line using absolute coordinates lightburn generates a gcode with no negative coordinates and everything works, the frame is fine and all the engraving goes smoothly.
if I select a lightburn fill it generates gcode with even negative coordinates the frame is wrong with respect to the engraving and the engraving goes crazy during the work!

how can i ask lightburn to generate gcode with coordinates without the - sign?

Read here: Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

hello, thank you for the reply. I have already read that article but it did not solve the problem unfortunately. further up you can find the photos of the gcode

Can you explain what you adjusted after reading and what result you observed?

From LightBurn, type ‘$#’, then press Enter / Return. Copy and paste the entire output here for review.

LightBurn switches to relative moves when doing engraving because they usually generate smaller GCode, and are therefore faster to process. Relative moves are also used when you are using ‘Current Position’ mode or ‘User Origin’ mode.

Relative moves are absolutely supported by GRBL, but it’s possible that whoever made the offline controller messed up the parsing or removed that capability for some reason. Adding a touch screen and SD card offline ability means they’ve certainly done some customization.

I think this is the problem … damn Chinese!

in fact I noticed that with absolute coordinates it sometimes works but with user origin I had suffered problems …

is there any setting the lightburn to eliminate relative coordinates?

There isn’t at this time - It’s possible to change it, but it’ll take a bunch of work to add that in all the places it would need to go.

is there an .exe or any other program that acts as a gcode conversion to change relative coordinates to absolute? A kind of gcode converter

so that I can convert the gcode with a converter once generated by lightburn

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