Framing in 0.9.21 on Mini Gerbil

Have installed new version, had to manually add device again as didn’t auto pick up, frame select is working but unable to Start job, Win 10 64bit, Mini Gerbil board, loving the Adjust Image option

“Unable to start job” - Can you be more specific? (Is your button pressing finger broken? Does the button not exist? Does the button not work? Have you forgotten how to press buttons? Are you trapped under something heavy? . . . . )

Apologies, The Start button is displaying, When I click on it it changes colour (accepting the press) but the job does not start, Console screen shows it has seen the board.

Do you have anything out of bounds? Do you have ‘Cut Selected’ enabled, but nothing selected? Does the job preview?

Image within bounds, Preview shows the image, Cut Selected enabled, Output is enabled, same settings I had which were working before I updated (to compare)

Go to Help > Enable Debug Logging, then try it again. Then quit, and post the LightBurnLog.txt file from your Documents folder. I’ll have a look and see if I can spot anything.

LightBurnLog.txt (2.0 KB)

The log shows “ignoring start button - monitor is off”. Do you have one or more monitors that are asleep?

I did just see that, It is on a laptop that has the lid closed (shorter USB cable), I remote onto the laptop as per the previous version.

Well damn. I don’t think I can easily detect that. We had a decent number of complaints from people hitting the space bar to wake up sleeping computers, but if it was just the monitor asleep, the space bar would press whatever the last button was, often the Start button, re-launching a job. So I added code to ignore it while the monitor is asleep, and of course that breaks someone else.

Why are you remoting to a laptop controlling the laser?

I am in the same room as it, I had tried a long USB cable to my main laptop but this kept dropping the connection, I work in IT so had a spare laptop which I put next to the laser using a shorter USB, remote onto it from main, I have my 3018 plugged in to my main machine, will try that one shortly.

I can add a flag to disable the behavior. Doing that now.

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