Framing Not Working


The framing is not working on my Mac (Catalina) anymore. (It does work on my Windows machine)

When I click on frame. It does move from right to left but then stops, when it seems to move to the next point.

Cutting still works as normal.

The device info says : ruida rdlc320-a

Thanks in advance!

Hi !

Any ideas?

I am not sure how this slipped through, please accept our apologies in this delayed response.

What version of LightBurn are you using? We have had a few communication issues with the last few releases (9.21 +) affecting Ruida and Mac, but primarily Big Sur. All reports so far, identify 9.24 resolves these communication issues. Have you tried 9.24?

Thanks Rick,

Yeah, I am on 9.24


And to be clear, you are able to run a frame of the same job, with the same setting, from LightBurn Windows, correct?

Yes, that is correct. I can’t remember the version, but it did work on the Mac also when I was evaluating the software.

There have been a couple issues reported with Ruida 320A compatibility in the most recent . All of my hardware is packed for our upcoming move, but I’ll be looking into this soon. In the meantime, can you try going back to 0.9.20 and letting me know if that works properly for you?

You can download that version here: Release 0.9.20 · LightBurnSoftware/deployment · GitHub

Thanks Oz,

I tried to install 0.9.20, but it is giving an error

Installed 0.9.19 → framing correctly
Installed 0.9.21 → Not working correctly

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Just an update. I updated my OS to Big Sur over the weekend. Still have the same behavior.


Hi !

Any luck with testing the framing problem ? Or am I stuck on 0.9.19 :frowning:

fyi, same problem here with Catalina v10.15.7 and RDLC-V5.00.38 after updating to 0.9.24

Controller model number for this setup, please?

Unfortunately, nothing to further report at this time. We are working on this, but some delays have occurred. The recent corporate move required pulling the plug and putting a ton of gear in boxes (computers, cables and controllers, oh my), which we are unpacking and setting up in the new digs as we speak. This has impacted our development efforts, but things are getting sorted, we are settling in and getting back to our normal routine. :wink:

Which specific controller is this?

it’s a RDLC 320-A

Just for awareness and I understand you are busy with his issue. I am experiencing the same problem. Running MacoS Big Sur, LB 0.9.24, Rudia 644XS

just to keep this topic open:
@LightBurn as mentioned in my pm to you the beta you provided (thanks for that) did not solve the issue.

I’m having the same issue with my Big Sur M1 MacBook Pro using a Ruida RDLC220 (Voccell). It doesn’t frame correctly which makes precision placement very difficult. My PC runs fine, but is no longer adjacent to the laser.

Are you saying that your PC does work correctly, but the Mac does not? Which version of LightBurn are you running?

Hi! I’m also still stuck on 0.9.19 :frowning: