Framing Slow on machine

When I go to frame a piece of work the framing takes for ever to do
Very new to this site and lightburn

You have not told us much about your system which you can do in your user profile for the forum. Please list the controller and firmware version and what OS you are using. This will allow us to better support you without having to ask and for you to provide with each post.

That said, ‘Frame’ speed can be adjusted in the ‘Move’ window as shown below.


Hello Rick I have a Rudia RDC 6442G-B Controller and R8.00.63 and windows 10

Thanks Mark. I was referring to adding this info to your profile. Like this:


Have a read of this to see how you can update your profile as well. :wink:

Did you get the ‘Frame’ feature working as you’d like?

Hello Rick thanks for the response…In the move window the speed will not go over 39.99 for some reason

My guess is you have set you ‘Units’ under the LightBurn ‘Settings’ window to ‘Inches / Sec’ so your numbers will be different than mine. I am set to mm / sec.

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