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Good morning…

I currently run GRBL 1.1f on my Neje Master 2 20W laser. Using windows 10 as my OS. Firmware is 7.0. Lightburn software is the latest version 0.9.18.

I have never been able to get this software to run my laser since ive owned it (2 months). The laser works perfectly with the Neje software but its limited in functionality so i installed the Lightburn

Ive followed the Northlakes tutorial to the letter. 9 times. No success. The closest i come to success is initiating a start sequence and the laser fires but only for about 20 seconds then it just stops. No error messages or anything in console.

Ive uninstalled and reinstalled two times…redownloaded device profile settings and machine settings to no avail. And now im getting error 9 G-code locked out during alarm or jog state whenever i try to frame the project.

Here are my GRBL settings:$$

I really want to take advantage of this Lightburn software but i cant figure out whats preventing me from having any success.

Please help.

The question marks in a diamond are indicative of a communications error due to either a loose cable or emi interference, possibly even a bad cable. I would start by replacing the USB cable.

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USB disconnects are a very common issue, please have a look here for some things to look at: How to troubleshoot connection issues with USB

Figured out the issue was the board in my machine was not a true version 2 board. Retailer sent me a machine with an old version board. I got the new one and all is well now.

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