Frustrated Newbie

Hi All.
i just purchased an Atomstack A5 Pro.
I just cannot get it to start in the centre. Are there any videos that will lead me like a five yr old to get started??

To start your jobs from the center of the geometry you have drawn in the workspace, you change the origin dot from the Laser panel.

You’ll also need to have either ‘User Origin’ or ‘Current Position’ set as your Start From location. This moves the little green dot seen at the nexus of the outline I’ve drawn in the image above.

This video is the best way to get a full understanding: Lightburn 101 - Starting Position, Origins, and Homing - YouTube

And we have written documentation here: Coordinates & Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

Let us know if this doesn’t fully answer the issue and we’d be happy to help!

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Hi Colin, that is a great help. so far. Rest assured Ill be back for more answers. Give me a pile of timber and Ill put a roof on a barn with my eyes shut. technology, thats different. Thank you

Also, The jobs Ive managed, ie, a setting out grid, and a couple of images, have burned in reverse, Mirror Image.
secondly, the laser is traversing the entire surrouundin blank area, not moving quickly to the lines, if that makes sense.

thanks again

The mirrored image comes from reversing what the engraver uses for the origin. Most laser engravers use front left ( or bottom left on the screen )

Have a look for which corner of the workspace the dark red square is in.
Click Edit then click Device settings. Reset the origin corner to the bottom right. Carefully click OK to accept the change. Now your art will show as it was produced.

There are three Icons in the top tool bar that look like a couple of 30,60,90 triangles with a dashed line between them. Hit Ctrl A to select all your art and select the Mirror Selection Vertically or Mirror Selection Horizontally to fix the art.

If you’re engraving an image it’ll overshoot the work then slow down, stop and speed up going back to it the other way. If this is what you’re seeing it’s often expected.

Hi john. First thank you, very helpful. But no, the laser travels at the same speed across the whole image. is there a way to make it skip the unburned areas quicker?

If you’re engraving an image and there is a lot of white space in the image there is a strategy with Trace and Mask to remove it. This allows the Laser engraver to return to fast whitespace moves which are often faster than the Engrave speeds.

There is a discussion of this technique here.

I’m not certain that I know enough about what you’re doing to say that this applies.

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