Full list of LightBurn UDP commands

Hi there,

I am new to LightBurn and am interested in using it to help automate the process of sending jobs to my laser cutter and remotely starting them.

I have seen the original post regarding the UDP commands and this thread discussing SendUDP.exe. I noticed that, in the latter thread, this comment,

SendUDP does not have any option to start the file unfortunately - you’d have to use the Python code.

was made about starting cut jobs via Python.

However, I haven’t come across a corresponding UDP command for starting a cut job yet. So far, these are the commands I have come across:


So is this the full list of currently available UDP commands? Or, is there a UDP command for starting a cutting job?

Thank you!

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There is also “START”, “STATUS”, and “PING”. (especially the first one!)

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Thanks for your reply @FooTheBar! I hope this thread helps others, too.

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